0539 Professional Table Tennis Training Centre is located in Linyi City, Shangdong Province in China. It has construction area of ​​6,000 square meters. Since its establishment, 0539 has developed hundreds of outstanding table tennis players and delivered these players to the country's top schools and universities and professional sports teams. Nowadays, 0539 has been successfully promoted from a training centre to a professional table tennis talent delivery agencies. ​

During the year of 2011 and 2012, Shaanxi province table tennis team and Grand Slam winner Li Xiaoxia has visited 0539. In 2014, the Japanese national team player Jun Mizutani and Kasumi Ishikawa also show their support to 0539. With the help and support by the biggest names in
table tennis, 0539 has showed their potential to be a first-class table tennis club in the country.


Training hall

Training hall

Main entrance

Main entrance

Dormitory hallway

Dormitory hallway

Dining room

Dining room



2016 team photo

2016 team photo

Training Cost

Standard Package
Premium Package

¥2500 Chinese Yuan / $380 USD per month

¥700 Chinese Yuan / $100 USD per week if weekly payment is preferred.

Full Time Training

Join our squad based at your level and train minimum of 5 hours a day, six days a week. Your progress is monitored by our most experienced coaches. Also if you required one-on-one training, we can arrange for you at extra cost.

Accomndation Included

You will be living on-site with the players in 0539's newly built dormitory. Each room can fit up to 4 people and equipped with en-suite and air-conditioner. The training centre also has free WIFI.

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¥5800 Chinese Yuan / $880 USD per month

¥1500 Chinese Yuan / $230 USD per week if weekly payment is preferred.

Full Time Training

Join our squad based at your level and train minimum of 5 hours a day, six days a week. Your progress is monitored by our most experienced coaches. Also if you required one-on-one training, we can arrange for you at extra cost.

Hotel accomndation

You will be living in nearby hotel which is walking distance to the training centre.

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Smart Card for Food and Catering Purchase

Please note that meals are not included in both packages. The players can recharge 0539's own smart card to purchase food in canteen, or use cash to shop at the nearby restaurants and stores. The estimated cost for food and meal is around ¥1000 Chinese Yuan / $ 150 USD a month.

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Our Location

Tuesday - Saturday:

8.45 - 12.00 

15.00 - 17.40

19.00 - 20.15 (children's group only)


8.45 - 12.00

14.30 - 16.30

Monday: Closed


0539 Table Tennis Training Centre

17 Kaiyuan Road, Lanshan District, Linyi

Shandong Province, CHINA 276302


Tel. + 86 132 10665423 (Chinese)

+61 423 035 708 (English / Chinese)

Interested? Contact us to book your training.

Head coach/Founder

Zhu Xiaolong


Born in 1989, Zhu started table tennis in July 1997. He was elected to join the Shandong
Province table tennis team in 2000. In October 2003, he was formally signed up with the
Chinese super league club Shaanxi Galaxy Liu Guoliang table tennis club. In 2004 and 2005, he was invited to Hong Kong as the training partner for the Hong Kong table tennis team to
prepare for the Asian Games and World Championships. In May 2008, he became the head coach of the Bahrain national team. Zhu returned to China in 2010 and later founded the 0539 professional table tennis training centre.


Tang Zhiquan


Born in 1994, Tang entered the Bayi Army team in 2001 with amazing talent and achievements. Later in 2002 he officially signed up with the Shaanxi Galaxy Liu Guoliang table tennis club. In 2008, he passed the trial representing Shaanxi Province team and successfully trained in the national team. His excellent results and distinctive style was reported by mutliple media. Since then he became backbone of Shaanxi Province table tennis team. In 2009, he was runner-up of "Luneng Cup" Junior singles. In 2010, he participated in national table tennis championship representing Shaanxi Province. Tang retired in 2011 and studied in university. He was invited to 0539 and coached since 2014.

Xue Xin


Born in 1996, Xue was runner-up of the team even in the Guangdong Province "Association Cup" Youth Table Tennis Championships B division. In 2011 he participated twice in the youth national table tennis training camp, on the same year in November he was fourth in
the national key schools championship. In both 2012 and 2013 he was training in the national
team training camp in Chengdu. Also in both years he participated in the National Youth Table Tennis Championships. On the same year in 2012 he was forth in singles in the National Junior Table Tennis Championship Southern division. In 2013 he participated the national outstanding youth table tennis athletes training camp. In 2015 he won the Guangxi autonomous region game in both teams and doubles.

Zhu Xiaoshuai


Born in 1986, Zhu graduated from Shaanxi Normal University, one of the '211' national key institutions under the Ministry of Education, in 2009 as specialised in table tennis training and education. He was awarded scholarships multiple times in school and provincial-level. In addition, he also awarded the high school teachers qualification certificate, specialised in sports education and health education. In 2016 he attanded and successfully completed the the national table tennis coaches and continuing education training course organised jointly by the State Sports General Administration and the China Table Tennis Association.

An Fengda


Born in 1995, An started table tennis with his father in 2003. In 2006, he was forth place in
teams in the Shandong Provincial Traditional School Championship. In 2007, he won the teams event in Linyi City Games representing Yishui County. In 2008, he won both teams and singles in the Linyi City Children's Table Tennis Championship. In 2012, he is the doubles champion in the Linyi City Games, in the same year he joined the 0539 for intensive training. An began to be as playing coach in, and was runner-up in the teams at the Shandong Province "club cup" youth division. In 2015 he was formally hired by 0539 as the children group coach.

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Training hall

Training hall. 1100 square metres with 26 tables and taraflex flooring.